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“And a time for every season under heaven.”

Hello everyone, I’m back! The last three seasons between Fall Equinox of 2022 and our current Season of Light 2023 has been an initiation I never saw coming. And I am so very grateful to say that I am now well and looking forward to renewing my energies with my shamanic clients, workshops and mentorships.

As most of you know I have been journeying through a cancer diagnosis for most of 2023 and probably from the stage I was given for a longer period of time than I am aware of. Like the changing seasons, most noticeably in New England where the deciduous trees draw their life force energy deeply down into their root systems to be sheltered and nourished by Mother Earth, losing their leaves and becoming bare limbs, I too had to draw deeply into the source of my life force energy in order to process and heal. Resiliency is the quality that nature teaches me and cancer has been the classroom. Although I am emerging it is in a very intentionally monitored and slow process. There is a time for every season under heaven. Liken to nature I am a yet a seed beginning to vibrate and crack with the aid of subtle supportive energies. Yet I bring into the sunshine many seasons of renewed wisdom and experience.

If resiliency is my supportive energy, gratitude is absolutely my nourishment. Gratitude for the smallest experiences of life, especially the mundane tasks of day to day living. Brushing my teeth? A ritual I treasure! Walking up a flight of stairs? Miraculous! The greatest prayer we can utter and I am uttering it from the treetops is ” Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

So what’s next? I am pleased to say that I am inviting in shamanic clients and students, planning trainings and performing ceremonies again at a slower, less voluminous pace. I am looking forward to what the Universe has to offer me in the seasons to come.

I want to wish everyone a blessed holiday season however you may observe and celebrate the gifts of this season; recognizing that for some it may be a difficult time. To you I offer heartfelt thoughts of peace and comfort..

Thank you for your presence in my life either in person or in the ethers.


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