Essence Of Spirit Ceremonies Newsletter
Summer 2022

In my memory of years passed the summer months of June, July and August in Maine are typically a spattering of weather patterns from the “sticky ickies” I call them to cooler, overcast days with rain. This year seems to me to be one of the hottest and driest extended seasons that I can recall; liken to the weather one would expect in the western reaches of our country. I actually refer to the high and dry days with bright blue skies as a “Colorado Blue Sky Day”. I love, love , love this weather. But not for long. The low humidity feels good on me but not for the earth.

My days have been filled to the brim! My schedule bursts at the seams with one meeting, one commitment, one deadline after another in a stream of activity that feels like a raging fire burning from the friction of moving through time and space at breakneck speeds! Screeching nails on a dry black board…parched earth….burning rubber on a hot black top…. Fire in the belly, thermometers reach high 90’s. This is not a complaint rather an awareness of how my inner and outer environment parallel each other. I feel as hot and dry from the lack of the nourishment of a slower pace with more expansiveness as the days in which I live in the extreme heat and dryness of the climate in Maine as of late.

Ahhh….then came the rain! Soothing, moist rain with cooler breezes nourishing my soul, moistening the earth, cooling the fires within and without. I acknowledge the life giving nourishment and nurturance of the rain and I slow my pace to take in the gift of moisture! I smell the scent of the forest as it soaks up the rain, watch the ground squirrels leap through the soaked grasses and see the glistening drops as they hang from my lilies in the garden. All of nature seems to respond with collective, ahhh!

I thank the rain as it feeds the brook at the foot of the hill on our property and I know that all of life around me is breathing a collective sigh of relief.  I remember to make time to slow down and give myself life-giving nourishment.  Water…living waters. I feel so grateful for the blessing of water that we receive here in the northeast. My prayers are for all of those living in areas that are feeling the effects of a scarcity of water.  I hope for a balance of the elements and the protection of our natural resources.

May we all stay nourished and hydrated, slowing our pace and being ever grateful for the blessing of water.

Walking with Spirit

A 5- Day Initiatory Journey into the Practice of Shamanism and the Realms of Spirit Helpers

 September 21-25, 2022

Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center, Saco, Maine

Our program is designed for new learners and those that are looking to deepen their shamanic practice. As initiates, you will advance your knowledge and shamanic skills. Over the course of this 5 day, non-residential program, you will:

  • Cultivate relationships with compassionate allies.
  • Learn the arts of Shamanic practice such as:
    • Journey through the Shamanic realms to meet your Helping Spirits and develop your relationship with them.
    • Power Animal Retrieval to restore personal power.
    • Balance and harmonize the energy body for maximal wellbeing.
    • Divination and how to expand into your intuitive self to find guidance on your life path.
    • Soul Remembering to re-member our true natures.
    • Create ceremony in a reciprocal relationship with Fire, Water, Air, and Earth.
  • Be part of a community of like-hearted seekers and spiritual explorers.

No prior Journey experience is required to participate in this program. All are welcome.

At the completion of this program, you will have a strong foundation upon which to build your personal Shamanic Spiritual Pathway.

This program is limited to 10 participants.  Registration will close on August 30, 2022.

For the complete program schedule and to register please go to or

Program fee $795.00  **Plus electronic payment fees if applicable**

Registrants interested in lodging and meals at their own expense may contact Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center to inquire about availability and make reservations @

Coming soon this Fall

In the next issue of Essence I will be offering a guided journey that will help you prepare for the coming “going in” season just ahead of us.

Divining Guidance

Also, stay tuned for a special I will be offering on a 90-minute Geomantic Divination session where you receive guidance and information regarding the energies that bear an influence on the questions you have at hand.