Shamanic Offerings & Sessions in Maine

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual, wisdom and healing practice common to all cultures across the globe which supports wellness by seeking to access the depth of one’s own innate knowledge.

Through Shamanic method one’s own self efficacy is supported by aligning with one’s connection to Source energy and pure spirit that is found outside of any defined religious, psychological or medical system which may guide one on their path toward emotional, physical and spiritual wholeness.

Jody Breton offers a wide range of shamanic practices that support you in accessing your own innate wisdom on the path to resolve every day challenges. Through these practices you connect to your own true nature and power which can restore a sense of overall well being.

Offerings & Sessions

  • Shamanic Divination
    Receive guidance from compassionate spirit helpers.
  • Power Animal Retrieval
    Meet your spirit animal helping ally.
  • Soul Retrieval
    Returning lost soul essences caused by many of life’s traumas.
  • Soul Remembering
    Renew your connection to your Soul’s purpose and path.
  • Soul Essence Protection
    Safely secure essences of your Soul when anticipating extremely challenging circumstances and have them returned once the timing is right.
  • Energy Intrusion Extraction
    Clearing energies that are not your own and not in your best and highest good.
  • Compassionate Depossession & Curse Unraveling
    Compassionately addressing and releasing inhabiting spirit energy.
  • House and Land Clearing and Blessings
    Working with compassionate spirit allies to identify discarnate spirits beings, geopathic stress of the land, clearing dense and low vibrational energies, identifying vortexes and closing portals to cleanse homes and spaces of any detrimental energies and filling the spaces with high vibrational energy of supportive sources.
  • Working with Children
    Power Animal retrieval is a powerful support for young people.
  • Death and Dying Support
    Supporting individuals and families around issues related to the dying process.

Shamanic Sessions: Individual face to face or remote sessions are $125.00/90 minutes. Includes all verbal and written communication for consultation, scheduling, session and follow up. Includes a written or audio recorded report of the session.

Remote Space and Land Clearing by appointment $225.00 | On site Space and Land Clearing $225.00 plus mileage @ .58 per mile r/t.

Returning remote or on site visit within 60 days as needed; an additional 175.00 plus mileage. Includes all verbal and written communication for consultation, scheduling, session and follow up. Includes a written report of readings.

Spiritual Guidance | Shamanic Mentoring: Individual sessions or mentorship program. Please contact me for further information.

All sessions are by appointment and are scheduled up to a minimum of 5 days in advance or by other arrangements on an individual basis. Payment is appreciated at the time of scheduling through PayPal to: for all remote sessions or in person on the day of your scheduled appointment. I accept cash, check or PayPal.

I have a 24 hour cancellation policy in the event of illness or other unforeseen circumstances and appreciate that you keep your scheduled appointment time.

Clients must be a minimum of 18 years old unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. I must have permission from the person requesting the session in order to provide services. Sessions are offered in person or remotely. Face to face sessions are 90 minutes in length and will be offered at Jody’s private practice space in Freeport, Maine. Remote sessions may be longer depending on the depth and breadth of the service that is requested such as a remote land clearing. All communication between the client and Jody are done via phone, electronic communication; email messaging or by video applications. Video applications such as Facetime or Zoom video chat can be used per the discretion of the client but are not necessary. As with any shamanic practice the practitioner makes no claim to any medical benefit and encourages one to seek medical advice as necessary. The actual shamanic approach that is provided is determined during the shamanic journey and cannot be predicted before a session. Results may vary and are not specific.

All shamanic sessions are kept confidential.

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