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Awakening to Spirit

Shamanic Apprenticeship and Initiation Program 

“Shamanism is an ancient, multi-cultural practice of relational living and communication with benevolent spirit beings that reside within ordinary and non – ordinary realms of existence. The spirits of all beings, including those of our ancestors, offer guidance and wisdom in support of ourselves, individuals in the community and the world at large. Deeply founded within shamanism and a shamanic life pathway is the belief of Animism, where all objects, places, and creatures hold sentience and have a spirit essence that is connected to all others within a great web of life. The values of gratitude, respect, honor, and living in reciprocal relationship with all there is cannot be overstated in this practice.”

I am so excited to announce that I will be offering a 10-month Shamanic Apprenticeship program beginning in September 2022 with my teaching partner Bri Andreoni.

  • Are you ready to immerse yourself in an intensive, deep dive exploration into shamanic wisdom, practice and pathway?
  • Have you had questions about your life that you’ve not been able to answer with your current understanding?
  • Want to cultivate relationships with compassionate allies?
  • Do you envision yourself developing a practice that empowers yourself and others?
  • Have a desire to support the healing of the Earth?
  • Are you seeking a community of inspirited explorers?

Our program is designed for new learners and those that are looking to deepen their shamanic practice. As initiates, you will advance your knowledge and shamanic skills.  Over the course of 10 months you will:

  • Cultivate relationship with compassionate allies
  • Learn the arts of Shamanic practice such as:
    • Power Animal Retrieval to restore personal power
    • Healing with Spiritual Light
    • Soul Remembering
    • Ancestral Healing
    • Balance and harmonize the energy body
    • Divination and how to expand into your intuitive self
    • Soul Retrieval
    • And so much more

Each of the 5 residential teaching sessions will be hosted at 2 scenic Maine retreat destinations.

  • A 3-day residential introductory session early September 2022
  • Four, 5-day residential teaching sessions;  September & November 2022, April & May 2023.
  • Monthly virtual follow- up meetings on Zoom
  • A complete schedule will be provided on inquiry

The program offers all-inclusive amenities which include:

  • Oceanfront venue with lodging and meals at Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center, Saco, Maine.
  • Lakefront venue with lodging and meals at the Kieve Wavus Education Center in Jefferson, Maine (view the facility here).
  • Sandy beach and wooded trails
  • Private chef on location at the Kennedy Learning Center accommodating all dietary considerations; vegan, dairy & gluten-free, etc.
  • Rates based on double occupancy.  Private rooms available upon request at an additional cost.

Ferry Beach

Facilities – Kieve Wavus Education

During free time commune with Nature on quiet wooded paths; let the tranquil sounds of the water speak to your spirit or take in the beauty of Maine’s spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

Applications for Awakening to Spirit will be accepted now until August 1, 2022. We are mindful that a small group is preferable for study as well as supporting current COVID 19 social distancing protocols, therefore our group will be no less than 8 and no more than 14 participants. A minimum of 8 students are required to hold the course.

Course fees and available payment options are available upon request and can be found on the course application.

Fees include all materials, lodging and amenities, monthly 90-minute Zoom calls between meeting dates, and a certificate of completion. Please note that rates are based on double occupancy, private rooms are available upon request at an additional cost.

Please complete the contact form below to receive additional information and an application for admission.

Your Facilitators Bri Andreoni and Jody Breton

Jody and Bri have over 20 years of combined Shamanic practice study and personal experience. Both Jody and Bri have completed Advanced Shamanic Teacher Training with the esteemed Dory Cote from the Center for Earth Light Healing. 

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Mentoring & Guidance in Maine

Come walk with us. The mission of our programs, workshops and individual guidance is to provide structure and spiritual direction within the foundations of a shamanic life pathway for those who are seeking growth toward their spiritual potential.

Mentoring Programs

Come walk with us. The mission of our programs, workshops and individual guidance with Essence of Spirit Ceremonies is to provide structure and spiritual direction within the foundations of the Shamanic and Interfaith worldviews. For those who are seeking growth on their life path and toward their spiritual potential we will meet you where you are at spiritually and guide you toward your desired potential through teaching, discussion, the shamanic journey or guided meditation and intentional ceremonial experience within a safe, ethical and confidential practice. Following any training or individual sessions we are readily available for follow up support. You are never alone in this process.

Our 6-month program will include 2 hour monthly sessions at the Essence of Spirit Ceremonies practice in Freeport, Maine, electronic communication via email messaging as needed and field work assignments during the 4 week interval between meetings that will enhance the client’s experience toward their spiritual potential. Participants may engage in shamanic journeying, discussion, goal setting and creating ceremony with each session building on the previous. Participants should have an interest in an ongoing, face-to-face mentorship and be active in their own spiritual growth and development.

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Spiritual Guidance Sessions

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I assist people in guiding them toward their own innate wisdom, personal power and spiritual potential. Within this process growth continues after our session. We encourage follow up or continued sessions and offer suggestions as to how best to integrate spirit into your daily life. Spirit always guides the conversation.

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