Workshops & Mentoring

Contemporary Shamanism: The Way of the Journey

March 27 & 28, 2021

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A virtual weekend classroom

Led by Jody Breton, Briana Andreoni, Colette Catlin, and John Moore

The practice of shamanism is ancient yet it is also modern, contemporary, and currently practiced throughout the world. Join millions of people like yourself who have learned how to safely travel into dimensions of reality not commonly experienced in everyday life. Find your Power Animals and other Helping Spirits. Learn how they communicate and how their powers can help you heal, provide you with wisdom, and expand your inner power. This is a powerful workshop that will prepare you to continue shamanic journeys on your own as well as give you the foundation for further, more advanced, shamanic studies.

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Shamanism: An Ancient Practice For Contemporary Times

Summer 2021

Stay tuned for dates!


Led by Jody Breton

Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center
Saco, Maine

A 3 day hybrid workshop event featuring both an on site gathering and virtual programming where you will learn the fundamentals of Core Shamanism. Learn the shamanic journey method and how to apply the practice to build relationships with spirit helpers that enhance, empower and enliven everyday living.

This event promises to be a very rich opportunity to deep dive into the practical ways of integrating an ancient, cross cultural and mystical pathway into our day to day. Together we will also create beautiful ceremonies, creativity and sharing circles.

Stay tuned for more information and registration information that will be posted on my website: and

Mentoring & Guidance in Maine

Come walk with us. The mission of our programs, workshops and individual guidance is to provide structure and spiritual direction within the foundations of a shamanic life pathway for those who are seeking growth toward their spiritual potential.

Mentoring Programs

Come walk with us. The mission of our programs, workshops and individual guidance with Essence of Spirit Ceremonies is to provide structure and spiritual direction within the foundations of the Shamanic and Interfaith worldviews. For those who are seeking growth on their life path and toward their spiritual potential we will meet you where you are at spiritually and guide you toward your desired potential through teaching, discussion, the shamanic journey or guided meditation and intentional ceremonial experience within a safe, ethical and confidential practice. Following any training or individual sessions we are readily available for follow up support. You are never alone in this process.

Our 6-month program will include 2 hour monthly sessions at the Essence of Spirit Ceremonies practice in Freeport, Maine, electronic communication via email messaging as needed and field work assignments during the 4 week interval between meetings that will enhance the client’s experience toward their spiritual potential. Participants may engage in shamanic journeying, discussion, goal setting and creating ceremony with each session building on the previous. Participants should have an interest in an ongoing, face-to-face mentorship and be active in their own spiritual growth and development.

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Spiritual Guidance Sessions

As a Shamanic Practitioner, I assist people in guiding them toward their own innate wisdom, personal power and spiritual potential. Within this process growth continues after our session. We encourage follow up or continued sessions and offer suggestions as to how best to integrate spirit into your daily life. Spirit always guides the conversation.

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