Soul Retrieval is a powerful healing practice performed by advanced Shamanic Practitioners.

Throughout our life our soul’s energy and signature; those qualities that we came to earth with as a soul in a body, can become fragmented and “lost” due to overwhelming events and traumas. These soul fragments or essences are bits of energy that migrate to realms beyond our ordinary existence and can be “retrieved” by skilled practitioners working with benevolent spirit helpers with whom the practitioner has developed trusting relationships. Our helping spirits search and retrieve only those soul essences that are beneficial at the time. Once returned to us our soul essences help to improve our quality of life and restore us to wholeness and health.

Soul Retrieval In-Residence Training
April 28- May 3, 2024

Taught by Jody Breton and Terry Morgan
Advanced Shamanic Teachers
Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center
Saco, Maine

Lodging and Meals are not included

Photo credits Cathy Stackpole, Executive Director, Ferry Beach

Pristine beach, forest walks, fire circles and community.
Reserve your spot now. Space is limited.