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April 2021

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An Ancient path to modern solutions

Shamanism is an ancient path towards supporting the health of ourselves, individuals within a community, the community as a whole and the planet.

There has never been a time in recorded history where there weren’t great challenges to our human and planetary family. There is no question that the challenges that we collectively face are increasingly more daunting as we enter into a time of awakened consciousness. Connected by the Web of Life we all feel the effects of disharmony through energetic forces which may cause many of us to feel dissatisfied with our lives, our relationships, and our health. Yet there is a vast system of support that is available to us within the realms of Spirit, both in the visual landscapes in which we live and within the unseen fields of existence. Those compassionate ones; the benevolent spirits of our ancestors, of wisdom keepers, societal leaders, great thinkers, and even our descendants are readily available to answer our questions, help us through our health concerns, and guide us on our life path. From the Animist worldview of which Shamanism is fundamentally based; our non-human family of animals, plants, rocks, 

water, essentially ALL – including objects, places, weather, and even words – all have a spirit and contain a sovereign life force that contributes to and supports our human and non-human family alike. Shamanism reflects this belief in the Principle of Reciprocity where the support of one supports the other in a mutualistic supportive system for the benefit of all. One only needs to take a walk among the trees or sit by the ocean to feel the presence of something outside of ourselves that, if we listen closely enough, we will hear a whisper- a message that casts light onto a question we may be pondering or will embrace with a calming effect. In turn we show appreciation for the beauty that encompasses the earth; we become enlivened and we emit an energy of joy that nourishes all.

Through the Shamanic journey a shamanic practitioner has access to their compassionate helping spirits with whom they have built a profoundly trusting relationship and receive guidance and solutions for life’s challenges on behalf of themselves and of their community. Through direct revelation provided by the wisdom of their helping spirits the shaman provides deeper insights on decisions around healing options, life transitions, life direction, spiritual direction, grieving support, clearing energy blocks and so much more. The world of spirit functions within the absence of lower consciousness states created by the human ego and thereby cuts right to the most beneficial of insights without the burdens of judgement, discernement and confusion we often face. We exercise our free will to act on the messages that are given to us, or not, yet we can be certain that the messages are given with pure intent to bring our lives back into balance and harmony for the well being of all.

Shamanism and shamanic method is an ancient pathway inherent within all cultures worldwide and has evolved to be especially relevant in transforming the challenges faced in the world today. With the support of spirit allies found within all realms of existence we can heal ourselves, the planet, and create a new dream.

July 24-26 2021
Shamanism: An Ancient Practice For Contemporary Times
Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center
Saco, Maine
Led by Jody Breton & Bri Andreoni

A 3 day hybrid workshop event featuring both an on site classroom and virtual program where you will learn the fundamentals of Core Shamanism. Learn the shamanic journey method and how to apply the practice to build relationships with spirit helpers that enhance, empower, and enliven your everyday life.

This event promises to be a very rich opportunity to deep dive into the practical ways of integrating an ancient, cross cultural and mystical pathway into our day to day. Together we will also create beautiful ceremonies, creativity, and sharing circles. Come join us at the beautiful Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center!

There will be residential, commuter and on line only registration options.

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Maine Shamanism  Individual Sessions & Mentorships

Are you seeking deeper insights into your physical, emotional or spiritual energies?

 Do you desire personal power to overcome any of your life challenges?

Shamanism is a pathway to wisdom and healing for ourselves and our planet.

Offered in a safe, ethical, and compassionate virtual setting. 

To schedule a session or to apply for an Apprenticeship position contact Jody at https://www.maineshamanism.com/

Sisters at The Table

A virtual circle where women come together to share personal stories, offer support and inspiration.

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*The hope is that we will once again meet in person with masks and social distancing. Stay tuned on our Facebook Group page.

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