Spring 2020

2020 Spring Edition of Essence

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Maine Shamanism Spring 2020 Newsletter

Beauty abounds! Green grass emerging from the frozen earth then a fresh blanket of snow paints a striking contrast against the crocuses that are crowning.

As some of you have seen I’ve been posting photos of our feathered beauties that have come to feed and shelter in place at our little wooded sanctuary. I feel especially grateful for the messages that they bring. Through their songs I hear Hope. Hope for an awakening not only of our precious Mother here in the northern hemisphere but of the collective consciousness. In Titmice’s song I hear, “Kindness, kindness, kindness.” Bluebird sings, “ It will be fine,yes it will.”

Barred owl came to visit and called out to me, “ You hoo, do what you do!”. And so I fill my soul with the gifts of my life and radiate as much light as I can for it to shine where it may be most needed; undirected yet radiating vastly. So in these trying and uncertain times; when you need some inspiration and want to anchor hope within your spirit, go listen to the birds. They have a message for you too.

Maine Shamanism Spring 2020 Newsletter

Walk on with hope in your heart, and you’ll never walk alone.

Shah Rukh Khan

I invite you to set your course onto previously untraveled routes to destination Hope. Know that you are never alone. Others are traveling with you and are waiting there for you now.

Maine Shamanism Spring 2020 Newsletter

Due to the current necessity to shelter at home and for social distancing I am now offering all of my Shamanic teaching and individual sessions remotely via Zoom video conferencing.


Download is easy on any device. It  has become the online meeting and webinar platform of choice for many.

For the next 60 days I am offering remote Shamanic sessions by donation only.

I understand that we are all impacted by our global health crisis and it is an opportunity to reach out in generous ways to support one another.

Maine Shamanism Spring 2020 Newsletter

Many of my wedding clients are postponing their wedding dates due to uncertainty around the Covid 19 pandemic.

Yet there are others who are tying the knot just the same through a virtual ceremony officiated by their officiant of choice – over, you guessed- Zoom!

I will joyfully help design and officiate your Wedding ceremony via video conferencing! Times such as these offer opportunities for creativity and out of the box thinking.

Take good care, be well. I hope that you will listen to the songs of Nature as they wish to soothe your soul.

For a remote Shamanic session: Go to www.maineshamanism.com

For Wedding or Life Event officiant: www.maineofficiant.com