Meeting you where you are and supporting your path to wholeness.

Walk in the Woods


Shamanism is an ancient spiritual, wisdom and healing practice common to all cultures across the globe which supports wellness by seeking to access the depth of one’s own innate knowledge.

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Come walk with us. The mission of our programs, workshops and individual guidance is to provide structure and spiritual direction within the foundations of a shamanic life pathway for those who are seeking growth toward their spiritual potential.

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Jody is a wonderful ceremonialist; she is a powerful practitioner and facilitator of Spirit. She is nurturing and is a wonderful guide for ceremony and spirit work. I trust her…


I have been fortunate enough to receive healing work from Jody both in person and from a distance. Each time I worked with Jody I felt safe, loved and nurtured. Each session was extremely relaxing while also taking me to a higher level spirituality. Jody has helped me and my family through many difficult times. I highly recommend her services.


Jody has a warmth about her. In whatever she practices , teachers, ministers , she shows a miraculous degree of attention and compassion.. In her presence you immediately feel the infectious glow of Jody’s style.. She gives 200% of herself to everything she offers. She is authentic, passionate and true.. She is what you have been waiting for!

Terry Morgan, Shamanic Astrologer

I’ve been working with Jody for over a year now and she is amazing. Her healing sessions are well worth the time spent with her, she makes you feel safe and secure, her wisdom is nurturing, and you’ll leave there feeling renewed and refreshed (there may be some tears). I also took her 2 day intro to shamanic pathways course, she handled it like she has been doing it for years and the experience was very eye opening. It left me wanting to know more. I started working with her under a mentor program she has designed, we worked together for 6 months. That program was the fuel I needed to step into who I truly am. Thank you Jody for being my guide and helping me on my path, you helped show me the door and I walked through it.

Jody is a brilliant ceremonialist and shamanic practitioner. She is a person of high integrity who works with compassion for her clients. You will not ever be disappointed with your Jody’s service.
Dory Cote, Center for Earth Light Healing

Having a chance to work with Jody has been a blessing! She tuned into things I had been afraid to accept and brought in medicine to help me restore back to my essence. The next day, I feel more like myself, less afraid. The Universe is taking care of me. I trust that more now. Jody, you are not only truly gifted, but you have a beautiful, wise soul that elevates by just being around you. Thank you, Jody, for this wonderful healing!


It’s the magic, it’s the wisdom, it’s the amazing self-discovery that makes Jody’s shamanic journey so incredible, and essential for everyone searching for clarity, insight, discovery, healing and growth. From the moment Jody and I met (in person no less!) I knew immediately she was special. Jody’s warmth and light spills forth in her energy, words and actions. She is a spiritual mother whose energetic embrace is nurturing and uplifting. Professionally, as a Shaman and Spirit Guide, Jody’s gifts and skills are in a class of their own. It’s evident Jody has a passion for what she does. It’s also evident Jody is a gifted Spiritualist. As an intuitive and spiritualist myself, the standard I set to trust someone to take me on such a journey is high, to say the least. Not only did Jody meet that standard, she far exceeded what I could have possibly imagined. I enthusiastically recommend Jody for journeying, ceremonies and the spiritual services she provides.