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Seeing Through the Fog

Seeing Through the Fog

We are well into July 2020 and since my last message what a year it has been! I don’t know a soul who has not been affected by the events over the past six months. Amidst the myriad of evidence, opinions and theories one thing holds true and that is we are all seeing things through our own lens influenced by our thoughts, beliefs and experiences. I personally feel as if I am trying to see with new eyes through a dense fog.

My husband and I recently planned a day at one of Maine’s premier beaches. Leaving Freeport on a sunny, 83 degree day we arrived at our destination in 62 degrees, no sun and dense fog. So dense in fact that at low tide we could only hear the sound of the ocean far off in the distance, yet visibility was a mere 100 feet at best estimate. Attempting to walk toward the familiar beacon of rolling waves we turned back feeling completely disoriented without any means beyond our instincts to navigate back to the shelter of lunch and beach blanket. Our scenario is not unlike navigating our current situations amidst a pandemic.

My personal story brings me to another recent experience that truly opened my eyes within the fog of my understanding, or lack thereof.

During a trip to the dealership to have my vehicle’s warranty service done I met with the salesperson who sold me my car back in January. We had struck up a kinship at the time and have since kept in touch. He had confided in me when we first met that he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend in July. And as I am a wedding officiant and a shamanic practitioner, we both were excited for the prospect of my performing their ceremony. On this occasion, since it was July, I enthusiastically asked my friend if he had made his proposal. What happened next was so very eye opening. He had not. My friend had not proposed to his girlfriend because life had changed for them due to Covid. My friend explained that due to Covid he had no clue what may happen from one moment to the next; to the world, to their world. So he felt “parallyzed”.

Somehow the dreams that were conjured during the winter were obscured by the denseness of the prevailing atmosphere. My heart broke as these are young, vibrant and hopeful youth coming into the next phase of their lives. I offered the supportive words that came to my heart to say and offered my listening presence to hold his fears; our sacred space within the showroom of a large and busy car dealership. I never know where I will be called into loving service.

Days later when I contemplate my friend’s plight it occurred to me how many other young individuals feel parallyzed by their fears today? I see a window of possibility yet others see a door, or worse; nothing. Each of us responds in personal ways to the perceived and real situation that we find ourselves in-whatever that is for us. I am aware that many couples are postponing their weddings due to restrictions placed on gatherings, ect but to withhold a proposal of marriage due to fear was alarming to me. Covid, our government, nothing should stop expressions of love. For without the energy of love there is no path to healing.

My prayer is that the fog is never too dense for you to find your way home to love.


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