FALL 2020

2020 Fall Edition of Essence

Conversations with Jody

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Fall Tree

As most everyone who knows me will attest, I use personal stories as a means of conveying spiritual messages and wisdom that I receive from Divine Spirit. I define ‘Divine’ as the word of Creator, Universe, Higher Consciousness, Angels, Earth Spirit, Mother Nature, Great Spirit, Cosmic Intelligence, God, Mary and by other names or by no name at all. The story I am about to share came with a teaching that I think holds meaning for all.

My husband and I steward a small plot of land in western Maine. During a camping retreat in late September I was collecting firewood. In somewhat of a contemplative state I was dividing the wood into tinder, kindling and fuel while reminiscing about my days as a scout when I learned fire building. Some of the wood I had collected was spruce. As I snapped a piece of the spruce to use as tinder it splintered but did not break clean. I examined the piece left in my hand and observed that there were several layers of bark, pith and a smooth, clean center. The center looked like what could be a perfect dowel. I realized that I was looking at the heartwood of the tree’s bough. While I was contemplating the heartwood of the spruce, thinking about how the tree grows and is nourished, this question came to me in that moment of stillness.

“It is the heart of the matter, Jody. What is the heart of the matter for you?”

I am never really surprised at the voices in my head (smile) as I have come to understand the way that Spirit speaks to me.
With all the energy swirling about this year, particularly over the last few weeks the question of ‘what is the heart of the matter for me’ was an apt question. I mused on this as I continued my work on creating neat stacks of wood made available by the generosity of the trees all around me.

Gratitude…that was it!

Gratitude is the heart of the matter for me. Like the rough, weather worn bark and the inner pith of the spruce bough I too had layers that could be peeled back or torn back depending on the circumstances. Layers of fear, anxiety, disappointment, anger, the ” F*&% TS ” as my friend calls them; frustration, sorrow, grief….in a word, emotions. When I allow them to be experienced, to be felt, then to peel them away to expose my own heartwood, what is left? What is the core, the part that nourishes and gives strength and meaning to my life? Gratitude. Gratitude for all that sustains and nourishes me.

Air, Fire, Water and Earth. Gratitude for my family and friends, the forest and its beings. the beautiful birds that gratify me with their presence as they feast on the seeds and nuts we provide for them. Grateful for the bounty of my life. Having come to my answer I felt a warmth come over me and I said a prayer of thanks while clutching a piece of the spruce I kept as a talisman of my time conversing with Spirit.

As Meister Eckhart tells us ” If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough.”
And so with a grateful heart I say THANK YOU.

Wishing you and yours a safe, abundant and grateful season of love and light. May you all have a knowing of what the heart of the matter is for you.

Looking ahead to 2021

Looking Ahead

Well it has been a year hasn’t it?  Despite all the challenges and uneven ground I have experienced an abundance of blessings! My practice as a Wedding Officiant, Community Minister and Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher has kept me joyfully and abundantly engaged. And of course so has the miracles of Nature and all of its beings too!  I am beyond grateful!

As we look ahead to 2021 I want to share some news of upcoming events that are in the making:

March 27 & 28, 2021  

Contemporary Shamanism: The Way of the Journey

Woman Drumming

A virtual weekend classroom 

Led by Jody Breton, Briana Andreoni, Colette Catlin, and John Moore

The practice of shamanism is ancient yet it is also modern, contemporary, and currently practiced throughout the world. Join millions of people like yourself who have learned how to safely travel into dimensions of reality not commonly experienced in everyday life. Find your Power Animals and other Helping Spirits. Learn how they communicate and how their powers can help you heal, provide you with wisdom, and expand your inner power. This is a powerful workshop that will prepare you to continue shamanic journeys on your own as well as give you the foundation for further, more advanced, shamanic studies.

To register please go to https://www.dorycote.com

Summer 2021
Stay tuned for dates!

Ferry Beach Retreat and Conference Center
Saco, Maine

Shamanism: An Ancient Practice For Contemporary Times

Led by Jody Breton


A 3 day hybrid workshop event featuring both an on site gathering and virtual programming where you will learn the fundamentals of Core Shamanism. Learn the shamanic journey method and how to apply the practice to build relationships with spirit helpers that enhance, empower and enliven everyday living.
This event promises to be a very rich opportunity to deep dive into the practical ways of integrating an ancient, cross cultural and mystical pathway into our day to day. Together we will also create beautiful ceremonies, creativity and sharing circles.

Stay tuned for more information and registration information that will be posted on my website:

Sisters at the Table

Tea Time

A monthly virtual circle where women come together to share personal stories, offer support and inspiration.

Find us on Facebook Groups

The hope is that we will once again meet in person with mask-less smiles!
Dates and Zoom link are posted monthly on the Sister at The Table Facebook group page.

Booking Shamanic sessions for 2021

Explore the deeper wisdom that leads to a path of personal power and fulfillment. Transform old patterns that block the flow of abundance, success and inner joy. Learn who your spirit allies are and how they support you on your life journey. Clear your energy fields for a fresh start in 2021!

Shamanic Mentorship Programs

Taking applications for individual Shamanic Practice and Mentorship program. This is a unique opportunity to learn Core Shamanic Practice with one to one instruction and mentoring. This program requires a minimum of a six month commitment.
To learn more about this opportunity or to schedule a 90 minute session please go to maineshamanism.com.

Ceremonial Services:
Officiant or Celebrate Services please go to maineofficiants.com