Fall 2019

The Season of Reflection

fall 2019 newsletter

As summer transitions into Fall; the season of the earth’s rest and renewal in the Northern Hemisphere, I am aware of my own cycle of change and the felt sense of an inward calling.

With the waning daylight I find myself reflecting on this past years’ potential and what has been harvested as winter sets in. It has been a very busy and fruitful 11 months for which I am so very grateful.

Today I was going through my desk drawer and sorting out old notes, reminders and such that I no longer needed. I came across a thumb drive or travel drive as my file saving software called it. I plugged it into my USB port on my laptop to see what it contained as I had little memory of its contents. Up popped an extensive library of photos and music files from as far back as 1995.

Perusing the photos I came across a youthful and thinner version of myself which produced a mix of emotions from the pang of nostalgia of a 30 year old self and the memories of “the good ‘ol days” but then something else happened. Within those fond memories came the overwhelming relief that I had passed through the gauntlet of trials that also came during those years! I reveled in the wisdom and freedom that I am so grateful to be experiencing now in my 6th decade of life. Gone are the smooth, tight lines of youth and welcome to the lines of a life well lived and well loved; the roundness of the reflection that I see not only in the mirror but felt within. Full, rich, plush and comfortable in my skin and in whom I have grown into. The fullness of the state of Crone; the crowning glory of the Triple Crown of the Goddess archetype!

In and amongst all the images I had tucked away was a gem of wisdom that I must have known I would want to reflect on in my later years. I will share it here with you as some of you may appreciate it as I have.

The Facts of Life:

  1. You will be given a body.
    It is the only one you will ever get.
  2. You will be given many opportunities to learn many lessons.
  3. They will be repeated until you learn them.
  4. The world is not fair.
  5. Everybody has a boss somewhere.
  6. Living involves hassles. This is given.
  7. Nobody is entitled to anything.
  8. True success is self respect. It must be earned it is not a gift.
  9. Being loved is only voluntary to babies.
  10. Everybody goofs up and goofs off at times.
  11. Everyone does something laughable at times.
  12. Staying happy involves work, work, work.
  13. Expecting perfection is asking for trouble.
  14. No one can make you feel anything.
  15. The quality of your life is up to you.
  16. Only you have the answers to questions of self.
  17. You will forget all of the above at times.
  18. You can remember it whenever you want.

Author unknown

And now I’d like to add a few facts of life I  have accumulated along the way:

  1. If the only prayer you say is “thank you”,  it is enough.
  2. Gratitude is a daily practice,
  3. Forgiveness frees ourselves.
  4. Love creates bridges.
  5. As within so without.
  6. What is the medicine? Listening.

What are you reflecting on as the shadows become longer and the air crisper?

I invite you to go within and harvest your triumphs and trials; offering gratitude, forgiveness and love to yourself and to others.

I am grateful to each and every one of you for enriching my life and I am looking forward to continuing to serve as I am called.

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Bright Blessings for all of your days!