Winter Notes December 2021

Winter Notes December 2021 The Essence for Maine Shamanism Winter Notes Featured Blog Shamanism: Initiation and the Truth of Living by Jody Breton, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher December 2021 Shamanism is an ancient, multi-cultural practice of relational living and communication with benevolent spirit beings that reside within ordinary and non - ordinary realms of existence. The spirits of all beings, including those of our

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Spring 2021

SPRING 2021 Spring Edition of Essence April 2021  Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies MaineShamanism|Maine Officiants Shamanism An Ancient path to modern solutions Shamanism is an ancient path towards supporting the health of ourselves, individuals within a community, the community as a whole and the planet. There has never been a time in recorded history where there weren't great challenges to our human

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Winter 2021

WINTER 2021 2020 Winter Edition of Essence / February 2021  Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies|Maine Shamanism|Maine Officiants Weighty Matters One of my favorite winter pastimes is to watch the myriad of wildlife that grace the forest of the land that I call home. The daily count may include a red bellied sapsucker, a weasel seen in the earliest morning light or

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Fall 2020

FALL 2020 2020 Fall Edition of Essence Conversations with Jody Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies | Maine Shamanism | Maine Officiants As most everyone who knows me will attest, I use personal stories as a means of conveying spiritual messages and wisdom that I receive from Divine Spirit. I define 'Divine' as the word of Creator, Universe, Higher Consciousness, Angels, Earth Spirit,

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Summer 2020

SUMMER 2020 2020 Summer Edition of Essence Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies | Maine Officiants | Maine Shamanism Seeing Through the Fog We are well into July 2020 and since my last message what a year it has been! I don’t know a soul who has not been affected by the events over the past six months. Amidst the myriad of

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Spring 2020

Spring 2020 2020 Spring Edition of Essence Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies | Maine Officiants | Maine Shamanism Beauty abounds! Green grass emerging from the frozen earth then a fresh blanket of snow paints a striking contrast against the crocuses that are crowning. As some of you have seen I’ve been posting photos of our feathered beauties that have come to

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Winter 2020

Winter 2020 2020 Winter Edition of Essence Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies | Maine Officiants | Maine Shamanism Welcome to 2020 We have arrived!  20 years into the new millenium. Having lived and grown by the teachings of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s I am faced with the wow factor in the reality of this New Year, new decade, new

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Fall 2019

Fall 2019 The Season of Reflection As summer transitions into Fall; the season of the earth’s rest and renewal in the Northern Hemisphere, I am aware of my own cycle of change and the felt sense of an inward calling. With the waning daylight I find myself reflecting on this past years’ potential and what has been harvested as winter sets in.

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Summer 2019

Summer 2019 Welcome to the Summer edition of Conversations, my quarterly letter to share with you stories, insights and upcoming events & offerings from Maine Officiants and Essence of Spirit Ceremonies. Memorial Day weekend marked the second year anniversary of my brother’s passing. I feel a great loss in my life despite my understanding that his spirit is at peace. While attending

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