"And a time for every season under heaven." Hello everyone, I'm back! The last three seasons between Fall Equinox of 2022 and our current Season of Light 2023 has been an initiation I never saw coming. And I am so very grateful to say that I am now well and looking forward to renewing my energies with my shamanic clients, workshops and mentorships. As most


Essence Of Spirit Ceremonies Newsletter Summer 2022

Essence Of Spirit Ceremonies Newsletter Summer 2022 In my memory of years passed the summer months of June, July and August in Maine are typically a spattering of weather patterns from the “sticky ickies” I call them to cooler, overcast days with rain. This year seems to me to be one of the hottest and driest extended seasons that I can recall;

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Winter Notes December 2021

Winter Notes December 2021 The Essence for Maine Shamanism Winter Notes Featured Blog Shamanism: Initiation and the Truth of Living by Jody Breton, Shamanic Practitioner and Teacher December 2021 Shamanism is an ancient, multi-cultural practice of relational living and communication with benevolent spirit beings that reside within ordinary and non - ordinary realms of existence. The spirits of all beings, including those of our

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Spring 2021

SPRING 2021 Spring Edition of Essence April 2021  Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies MaineShamanism|Maine Officiants Shamanism An Ancient path to modern solutions Shamanism is an ancient path towards supporting the health of ourselves, individuals within a community, the community as a whole and the planet. There has never been a time in recorded history where there weren't great challenges to our human

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Winter 2021

WINTER 2021 2020 Winter Edition of Essence / February 2021  Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies|Maine Shamanism|Maine Officiants Weighty Matters One of my favorite winter pastimes is to watch the myriad of wildlife that grace the forest of the land that I call home. The daily count may include a red bellied sapsucker, a weasel seen in the earliest morning light or

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Fall 2020

FALL 2020 2020 Fall Edition of Essence Conversations with Jody Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies | Maine Shamanism | Maine Officiants As most everyone who knows me will attest, I use personal stories as a means of conveying spiritual messages and wisdom that I receive from Divine Spirit. I define 'Divine' as the word of Creator, Universe, Higher Consciousness, Angels, Earth Spirit,

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Summer 2020

SUMMER 2020 2020 Summer Edition of Essence Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies | Maine Officiants | Maine Shamanism Seeing Through the Fog We are well into July 2020 and since my last message what a year it has been! I don’t know a soul who has not been affected by the events over the past six months. Amidst the myriad of

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Spring 2020

Spring 2020 2020 Spring Edition of Essence Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies | Maine Officiants | Maine Shamanism Beauty abounds! Green grass emerging from the frozen earth then a fresh blanket of snow paints a striking contrast against the crocuses that are crowning. As some of you have seen I’ve been posting photos of our feathered beauties that have come to

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Winter 2020

Winter 2020 2020 Winter Edition of Essence Newsletter for Essence of Spirit Ceremonies | Maine Officiants | Maine Shamanism Welcome to 2020 We have arrived!  20 years into the new millenium. Having lived and grown by the teachings of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s I am faced with the wow factor in the reality of this New Year, new decade, new

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Fall 2019

Fall 2019 The Season of Reflection As summer transitions into Fall; the season of the earth’s rest and renewal in the Northern Hemisphere, I am aware of my own cycle of change and the felt sense of an inward calling. With the waning daylight I find myself reflecting on this past years’ potential and what has been harvested as winter sets in.

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